The descriptive text

The descriptive text aims to describe a phenomenon, a place, a being or an object. This is usually the type of text found in documentaries. The majority textual sequences in the descriptive text are the descriptive sequences.
The descriptive text has similarities with the informative text. However, it is distinguished by its main purpose which is to deepen several facets of the same subject.

The content of a descriptive text on dinosaurs:

  • The types of dinosaurs
  • Their name in English and in Latin
  • Their size, from the largest to the smallest
  • Their diet
  • A map of the regions where they were found
  • etc.

The descriptive text has peculiarities that distinguish it from other texts:

  • Aspects
  • The sub-aspects
  • The quality of a descriptive text is based, among other things, on several elements that contribute to its clarity:
  • The structure of a descriptive text
  • Textual organizers
  • Relationship markers
  • The descriptive sequence
  • The progression of information
  • Textual coherence
  • Forms specific to the descriptive text